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In this post I am updating the work we did in Learning in the Age of Anger  and would like to offer four links that will be brought together in this post in preparation for World Heutagogy Day (#wHday17) on 26th September 2017.

1. World Heutagogy Day

2.The Author’s introduction to “The Age of Anger”

3. introduction  to Futurability: the Age of Impotence and the horizon of possibility

4. Learning in the Age of Anger, blog from Fred Garnett and Nigel Ecclesfield

This post is being written to encourage readers of this blog to participate in World Heutagogy Day on 26th September as we continue to believe that learning is central to the development of a social Architecture of Participation. Not through the types of learning or education systems being championed in England, the USA or Australia, nor through learning that promotes authoritarian models of teaching and immutable truths of a religious or political nature.
Two recent studies about our world draw attention to the issues faced by the vast majority of the world’s peoples. These are (more…)

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