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My last post to this blog was made eighteen months ago and since then politics and the personal have intervened, one the one hand illness and on the other, the working out of non-participative politics across the world with its consequences, not least in the Middle East, U.K., Europe, United States, India and elsewhere. I will go into specifics in later posts about these examples and others will be added.

In the short-term, I want to explore the impact of the current political climates, based hierarchy and didactic processes, on the workings of educational institutions and the models of learning practised in those institutions. As in the past, we see educational institutions at the level of systems, individual providers and in the activities of learners and practitioners.

What is apparent across the world has been the closing down of architectures of participation for learning and their replacement with centralised organisational practices and instructional approaches to teaching and learning. This post is advance notice of what will be explored in the coming months and how we hope to look at our shared interests in learning and new developments in heutagogy, linking our reflections and explorations of learning and educational systems in this age of austerity.

As always, we welcome comment and discussion.


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